House Extension Tips for Beginners

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, an extension is one of the best things you can do. But while some homeowners have the know-how to do it right, many don’t have a clue when it comes to construction and architectural design. Without some guidance and tips, you could end up missing out, making a mistake, or spending way more than you planned.

Will you need permission for the home extension in Uxbridge?

It really depends on the situation, but the answer is usually no, you don’t need planning permission to extend your house. Most properties have what’s called ‘permitted development’, which means you can keep the old building the same as it was in 1948, as long as you stick to certain rules. This means you can’t go over the roof of your property, and there are restrictions on how far out your extension can go, but these will depend on what type of property you have. You can find out all the details here, and we’ve got a quick guide to help you out.

Do you need an architect?

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to an extension, but we’ll stick to the basics. The easier it is to keep things the less likely it is that you’ll need to hire an architect. Of course, there’s no law that says you have to hire an architect, so it really comes down to your personal preference. If you’re just looking for a simple, brick-and-mortar extension, or if you’re looking for something a bit more special like a conservatory, then you probably don’t need an architect. But if you have a bigger idea for your space or need someone to design something special, then hiring an architect is probably a good idea.

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Do you need to tell your neighbors?

There’s only a legal obligation to inform your neighbor if the work you’re planning to carry out will affect the boundaries of your two properties. Generally, however, informing your neighbors of any planned construction work is only a matter of common courtesy. The noise from the construction work is likely to affect your neighbors’ lives, at least temporarily. It’s only fair to give them the opportunity to plan for this – especially if they have small children.

How can you choose your builder?

If you’re not confident in your ability to build your house extension, you’ll need to hire a contractor. There are many ways to find a good builder, but it’s a good idea to start by looking online for contractors who have experience building extensions in your area. You may also want to check out some reviews online. Word of mouth and local forums are also great sources of information. If you find someone you like, ask them to show you some examples of their work, and see if they can refer you to someone for a quote. Don’t be pressured into hiring the first person you talk to about a quote. Take as long as you need to find the right builder.